“Craziness” – as a comfortable diagnosis for dissent in Tajikistan

Recent years, more and more of our citizens resort to suicide. Every week the media reports, that someone has committed suicide. Many people in social networks discuss and express different versions and reasons about this type of news. Sometimes it seems, that there is some kind of epidemic, that has infected our compatriots in Tajikistan and the result is that, people have more suicidal tendencies.

Tajik authorities, in turn, in each resonant case call the reason – “craziness” for the sake of their image. In particular, the Ministry of interior affairs immediately puts the victim the diagnosis of “mentally ill person”. Police officers are so intelligent, that they do not need the help of specialists for diagnosis. Thus, the true causes of the suicide cases always remain outstanding under the reign of Rahmonov. Because the reason of this epidemic is – Rahmonov himself and his regime. Rahmonov himself is the personification of the corrupt system, unemployment, poverty, social injustice, low level of education and health – in short all the ills of Tajikistan. Suicidal tendencies, as we know depend largely on living standards and social conditions of the person.

Below are a few examples of suicide cases.

1. 4 suicide attempts in one day in Soghd region. On 19th of February 2012 Zarnigor Dadoboeva, Tatiana Novikova, Muhiba Sattorova and Parvina Juraeva committed suicide.

2. Abdurahmon Davlatov – resident of Rudaki district, on 11th of August 2014 made a suicide attempt near the presidential Palace. The reason was his illegal attraction to a criminal liability due to a corrupt judicial system. MIA diagnosed him as a “crazy.”

3. Shavkat Rahmonov – a 74-year-old resident of Dushanbe. On 27th of March 2014 he set fire to himself near the Palace of Rahmonov. The reason unjust judicial system. The diagnosis of MIA is “craziness.”

4. Zuhro Mahmudova – a 25-year-old resident of Norak city on February 2016 threw herself together with four of her children in the Vakhsh River. As a result, all were died.

5. Parvina Abdulloeva – a resident of Javan district in 2015 threw herself with her children in the river. As a result, children were died, she survived. The reason is the low standard of living.

6. Salomat Pirova – a resident of the Vakhsh district in 2015 threw herself with three children in the river. As a result, all were died. The reason is the low standard of living.

7. A 25-year-old resident of Khujand city on may 2016 hanged herself at home. She was the mother of two children.

8. Mehrowar Maksudov – employee of the Ministry of Defence attempted suicide. The real reason hazing and hunger in the army. Diagnosis of authorities is “craziness.”

9. Romiz Sharipov – a resident of Ayni district, who served in the civilian battalion of the Ministry of Defence after beating him by the colleagues, he stopped talking. They tried to hide him in the “loony bin” and to put the blame on him.

10. Saidahmad Gulov – Colonel of National guard of Tajikistan on May 9, 2015 threw himself out of the window of a high-rise building. The interior Ministry without investigation and examination diagnosed him as “crazy.”

11. Mahmadsharif Nasriddinov – the 22 year old convicted man on February 2013 made the questionable suicide in the correctional colony #1 in Dushanbe. The details and causes of the incident are not clear. Diagnosis of authorities – “craziness.”

12. Hikmatullo Sharipov – a resident of Vahdat district, who worked as a taxi driver in the centre of Dushanbe on 11th of April 2017 made a suicide attempt near the city hall of Dushanbe. The reason was protesting against the ban of “taxi for 3 somoni” in Dushanbe. The diagnosis of MIA is “craziness.”

It is necessary to mention, that Umarali Kuvatov, the founder of the political movement “Group 24” was also declared “Mentally ill” by the authorities. Umarali Kuvatov was a prominent businessman of his time. When he worked quietly, was normal, has founded several successful companies, and when his business was taken away and he is under the threat of violence was forced to flee and become a member of the opposition, suddenly became “irresponsible”.

Another example is Gulmurod Halimov – Colonel of the interior Ministry, who fled from Tajikistan into the ranks of ISIS. When he worked in the interior Ministry and took part in military operations to eliminate the opposition, he was normal, and when he ran off and joined ISIS, was immediately declared insane.

These are just a few examples from a long list that has no end. The exact number of deaths from suicide is impossible to identify, because of the corrupt system. The Agency of statistics’ base consists of 70 percent of false information. There is no organization objectively recording and researching the true causes of such cases and the Ministry of the interior is one big mafia and corrupt organization, which has nothing sacred.

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