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Urgent news

Urgent news!!!The representative of the “Group of 24” in Turkey Nasimjon Sharifov disappeared in the city of Istanbul this morning, 23.02.2024.
He has not been in touch since the morning, his mobile phone has been disconnected. There is still no news from Nasimjon and his whereabouts are unknown.
Representatives of the Group of 24 in Turkey have received threatening letters in recent years, they have threatened with murder and extradition to Tajikistan.
Nasimjon Sharifov came to Turkey in January 2015 and lives in Turkey legally, without violating any laws of this country. He was once arrested and jailed along with Group 24 chief Sohrob Zafar in 2018 at the request of Tajik authorities, but a Istanbul court acquitted and released them shortly afterwards. Nasimjon was later arrested twice more by Istanbul police and released.
The Tajik authorities have not been able to obtain the official extradition of representatives of the Group of 24 to Turkey. It is likely that Nasimjon was simply kidnapped by them this time!
Our efforts to find Nasimjon have so far failed. We really hope to find him soon!
“Group 24” asks all citizens, both abroad and at home, to cooperate with us in the search for Nasimjon. If anyone has information about Nasimjon Sharifov’s presence, please contact us immediately.
Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation!
As soon as we have at least the slightest information, we will inform.

Political movement “Group 24”

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