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We continue to hold rallies in Europe

We continue to hold rallies in Europe.

The political movement “Group-24” organized today, March 20, 2024, in Belgium, Brussels – the EU capital, a picket in front of the Turkish Embassy. This picket is the fifth in a row in recent days. Prior to that, we organized similar actions in Germany, Austria, France and Holland. Our peaceful rallies are a continuation of the protests that were held with the aim of obtaining any information about the whereabouts of the leader of the political movement “Group 24” Suhrob Zafar and the representative of this group in Turkey – Nasimjon Sharipov.
The protesters handed over a note of protest to the embassy and asked for assistance in finding the missing participants in the movement.
“Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan in his speeches constantly talks about protecting the rights of the oppressed and considers himself their defender, and we, activists of the political movement “Group-24″ handed him a letter asking him to help us protect the rights of the missing members of our movement,” said the organizer of the picket Muhammadjon Abduloev.
About a month has passed since the disappearance of the representative of the movement in Turkey, Nasimjon Sharipov, and 9 days of uncertainty about the fate of the leader of the movement, Suhrob Zafar. But until now, the Turkish official authorities have not reacted in any way. The political movement “Group-24” appeals to Turkey with a request to help find these two leaders of the movement.

We will not stop at this picket, we are doing everything possible to get an answer from the official authorities of Turkey about the fate of the missing members of the movement.


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