The participation of the delegation of “Group-24” at a UN conference in Geneva

ToToday, the representatives of the political movement “Group-24” arrived in Geneva to participate in the UN conference. This conference should be attended by the representatives of Rahmonov’s government and they report to the UN human rights Committee on the observance of human rights in Tajikistan in the presence of representatives of civil society.

From the political movement “Group-24” at this conference will be responsible for for the foreign relations of the movement Nuriddin Rizoyi. He is accompanied by Khursand Najmiddinov and Abuzar Khojazoda.

During their visit, the representatives of the “Group-24” will have a series of meetings with the representatives of other international organizations and institutions in Geneva. The topics of these meetings will relate to political and social problems and human rights violations in Tajikistan. The details of these meetings will be published.

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