9 years of events in Khorog. The perpetrator is still not punished

 July 24 marks the 9th anniversary of the bloody events in Khorog.
9 years have passed since the events in Khorog, but there is still no answer to the question: why did innocent people die in anything?
The Rakhmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994) government cannot give a clear answer on the Khorog events. So in July 2019 in Geneva, at a session of the UN Committee, the government group of Tajikistan, commenting on the events in Khorog, said that these events have nothing to do with the fight against the opposition and the strengthening of power. According to them, the military operation was directed against criminal groups responsible for the murder of the head of the State Committee for National Security of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, General Abdullo Nazarov. The death of civilians during the special operation remained without comment.
Another lie on the part of Rakhmonov, once again this person cannot admit his mistakes and apologize to the people for his vile actions.
Today it is already known about the agreement between the security forces and the head of the Ishkashim border detachment, Tolib Ayombekov, that the suspects in the murder of General Nazarov were supposed to come to the investigation department on the morning of July 24. But Rakhmonov was least worried about the death of General Nazarov, he did not need any suspects in the murder, he needed absolute power and control. That is why on July 24 at 4 a.m., more than 3 thousand soldiers launched an operation against civilians, against their fellow citizens. The population was not notified of the operation, people were not aware of the danger, and government snipers considered any movement hostile and shot to kill. 23 civilians were killed in those bloody events, they were the ones who were supposed to protect them.
Rakhmonov, as a politician, has not learned any lessons from the painful civil war, and this man today proudly makes himself the “Founder of the world.” Without thinking for a second about the peaceful inhabitants of Khorog, he went to absolute power in the methods that were familiar to him.
The events in Khorog can be called a terrorist act against civilians, but the whole horror of the situation is that the terrorists were representatives of the official authorities.
These events, Rakhmonov’s ruthlessness and his sense of absolute impunity, the insecurity of any resident of Tajikistan before the authorities stirred the public around the world and strengthened Umarali Kuvvatov’s determination to fight the criminal power of Rakhmonov with all his might. Shortly after the military operation in Khorog, Umarali Kuvvatov founded the political movement “Group 24” against Rakhmonov . The name of the movement is a constant rebuke and reminding Rakhmonov of the crime against his own people, committed on July 24, 2012.

Political movement “Group 24”