A rally will be held in Germany on October 7 demanding a fair trial of opposition political asylum seekers

 As you know, a large number of Tajik refugees currently live and work in European countries. At the same time, however, some activists and oppositionists face difficulties in seeking refuge.

The authorities of Germany and some European countries had recently denied asylum to a number of Tajik opposition figures, which could lead to their unjust extradition to Tajikistan.

In this regard, tomorrow, October 7, at 11 o’clock, a rally of members of the Group-24 Political Movement in support of the activities of political opponents of the tyrannical government of Rakhmonov(President of Tajikistan since 1994 and the present day) will be held in front of the German Ministry of Migration in Cologne. It is expected that protesters will urge the government of Germany and other EU countries to be fair, adhere to international law when investigating and reviewing cases of dissidents and political asylum seekers, and not rush to extradite them to Tajikistan.


Political movement «Group 24»