The detained journalist Zavkibek Saidamini is accused of collaborating with Group 24, another charge fictitious by the authorities

 Finally, an official statement by the Tajik authorities on the sensational detention of journalists Saidamini and Pirmuhammadzod appeared. As expected, nothing new, standard charges. Zavkibek Saidamini is charged under Article 307, public calls for a violent change in the constitutional system of the Republic of Tajikistan. Also, Sharif Kurbonzoda, an employee of the Prosecutor General’s Office, told reporters that the investigation had established Saidamini’s connection with the Group of 24 and the Islamic Revival Party. We, the political movement “Group 24” for our part, officially declare that Zavkibek Saidamini never had anything to do with our movement. This is another brazen lie of the authorities and it is absolutely obvious that a person was arrested for criticizing Rakhmonov’s policy.

As for another recently detained journalist, Abdusattor Pirmuhammadzod, he was accused of disobeying a police officer. The fantasy of law enforcement officers apparently ended, did not bother themselves, inventing a case.

Our authorities again proved how ruthless they are to truthful statements. There is no such lawlessness in any democratic country, the judicial system works and protects the interests of only one person in Tajikistan – Rahmonov. The whole country is fully subordinate to it, all legislation exists only on paper to create the appearance of democracy. In fact, all of Tajikistan is the property of Rakhmonov. Our people are very patient and God-fearing, but they can no longer stand so much, and brave and courageous people appear who are trying to fight this lawlessness. But one of Rakhmonov’s main tasks today is to look for and destroy such people.

On fictitious accusations today, journalists are imprisoned for the truth!

We emphasize again: All the accusations are absurd! Members of our all-out movement speak openly about their membership in the group and openly criticize the government. We urge the people of Tajikistan not to believe the official statements of the Prosecutor General’s Office. None of the journalists detained in the past has never been or are members of the Group 24 movement.

Political movement “Group 24”