President’s Day of Tajikistan turned into Rakhmonov’s birthday!

 In Tajikistan, as in many countries of the world, along with a number of national and religious holidays and rites, there are also a number of celebrations related to the symbols of statehood. One of these ceremonies is President’s Day, which has been celebrated annually since November 16, 2016.

Indeed, the celebration of such holidays as Constitution Day, Flag Day and President’s Day is necessary and important for the education of a new generation in the spirit of patriotism and pride in the history and culture of the past. In other countries, including the United States, this day is a realistic study of the lives of presidents, an analysis of their successes and failures and lessons from them.

However, in Tajikistan, the Rakhmonov regime still uses this day to strengthen the foundations of its despotic system.

Firstly, the election of President’s Day on November 16 is not accidental, because it was Rakhmonov who came to power on November 16, 1992, and then on November 16, 1994 he was first elected President of Tajikistan. Then on this day in the country we are talking only about the unique achievements of Rakhmonov. From morning to evening, radio and television talk only about the president, show documentaries, singers sing in honor of the president, and poets sing hymns. Schools teach special lessons about the life and legacy of the president. In a word, this day is celebrated throughout the country as the birthday of Rakhmonov. However, the first president of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic was Kakhor Makhkamov, and the first president of independent Tajikistan was Rakhmon Nabiev. On President’s Day in Tajikistan, no one remembers these two figures in the history of Tajikistan, and it seems that only Rakhmonov is the president of the country, which is a distortion of history.

In the country, especially young people, they believe that only Rakhmonov should be the president of Tajikistan. By president, they mean only Rakhmonov. In their imagination, Rakhmonov saved Tajikistan from destruction and turned it into a prosperous country. The 30-year history of the country is unique to Rakhmonov.

But on this day, no one talks about the country’s shortcomings, the migration of more than two million people to work in Russia, low salaries and pensions, high food prices, power cuts, corruption and inequality of people. If the regime brainwashed some people, especially young people, made them believe in the nonsense and myth of Rakhmonov’s Hero of Tajikistan, some know the truth, but not out of fear. Rakhmonov and his authoritarian regime suppress freedom of speech and expression because they are so afraid of it. That is, he is trying by all means to detain and imprison his political opponents both inside and outside the country.

However, the day when this system will be overthrown and a democratic and democratic system established in Tajikistan, and the president will be elected not forever, but for a certain period of time. The root of oppression is infinite!

Political movement “Group 24”