Urgent message: Missing a member of political movement “Group-24”

In Russia, Rakhmatdzhon Makhmaddzon went missing!!!

Today, May 18, Rakhmatdzhon Makhmaddzon, member of the Group of 24 political movement in the Russian Federation, went missing in Russia. He has Russian citizenship. Disappeared after leaving the house, last contacted today, May 18, at 12:19.

The political movement “Group-24” involved a professional lawyer in the case, who is trying to find out all the circumstances of the incident and establish the whereabouts of Rakhmatdzhon Makhmaddzon.

Please do not remain indifferent, we are dear to us now with information, if you know anything about this incident, please inform us by e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]

 Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Political movement “Group-24”