Ministry of Internal Affairs in the service of Rakhmonov

On February 19, 2021, a press conference was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan with the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Rakhimzoda Ramazon. The conference was devoted to the results of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 2020. During speech the Interior Minister emphasized that “the internal affairs bodies carry out activities in accordance with the instructions of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – the Leader of the Nation, respected by Emomali Rakhmonov(President of Tajikistan since1994). Constant support and special attention of the Head of State to the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs encourage us to ensure the rule of law, the peaceful life of citizens and the fight against crime. “That is he said so bluntly that Rakhmonov is an interested person, for the benefit of which the Ministry of Internal Affairs works”. And what crime the Ministry of Internal Affairs is fighting is a big question, apparently with one that is objectionable to Rakhmonov.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan reported at a press conference that last year they prevented a terrorist attack in the Shakhrinav district, and that in general the fight against terrorism is receiving increased attention. The following figures were announced: last year 271 people were detained on charges of involvement in the activities of terrorist and extremist organizations, of which 8 were members of the Group 24 movement. We know about the detention in 2020 of only 3 members of our movement. Where the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes such figures is unknown.

Also, the minister did not forget to talk about the fight in Germany of two Tajik video bloggers, concluding from this incident that this case clearly shows the face of the Tajik opposition that they are all bandits, hooligans and terrorists. And it is not for nothing that the Ministry of Internal Affairs persecutes them, and all the sentences against oppositionists accused of terrorism are absolutely fair. It is only interesting why the Ministry of Internal Affairs draws public attention to a small interpersonal conflict abroad, which even the local press bypassed, was so insignificant? But about such high-profile processions with Tajik citizens abroad, such as the murder of Umarali Kuvvatov in Turkey, the attempt on the life of Maksud Ibragimov in Moscow, the abduction of Shabuddin Badalov, about which the world media wrote, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been stubbornly silent for several years. The conclusion suggests itself: they not only cover events beneficial to them, but also order them themselves.

Journalists did not bypass another high-profile case with a political background – the case of the deputy chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Makhmurod Odinaev. The question to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the use of torture during the investigation against Odinaev was answered as follows: “And you did not ask him why he disappeared after committing a crime against a representative of the authorities? As far as I know, Odinaev disappeared in the basement and tortured himself there. “Odinanev tortured himself… No comments.

How many more will we listen to brazen lies and tolerate hypocrites in senior government positions?

In connection with the press conference of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy Chairman of the Group-24 movement, Hussein Ashurov, made an official statement: “In 2020, three of our members were deported to Tajikistan without reason, the whereabouts and fate of which are still unknown. We have already written about this on our official website, but to this day we have not received an answer from the Rakhmonov regime. Everything that was said by the Minister of Internal Affairs at the annual press conference has no basis, is absolutely not connected with reality and has no true evidence. “


Political Movement “Group of 24”