Happy Independence Day !

 For 31 years, our country has been celebrating September 9 as the Day of the Formation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the independence of the country. We are very happy to welcome this truly historic day. But, unfortunately, in recent years this important holiday has also been presented as Rakhmonov’s sole achievement. And no one says anything about the real heroes of this important day. People, especially the younger generation of the country, have the idea that Rakhmonov is the founder of not only Independence, but even a country called the Republic of Tajikistan. But that’s not the case at all!

If we look at the latest history of the Republic of Tajikistan, we will see that more than ninety years have passed since its formation. The Republic of Tajikistan appeared in 1924 as an autonomous republic within the Soviet Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan, and in 1929 it was transformed into the Soviet Socialist Republic of Tajikistan. This means that the first stage of independence of Tajikistan dates back to the twenties of the twentieth century. A number of our compatriots contributed to the creation of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, such as Sadriddin Aini, Shirinshoh Shokhtemur, Chanor Imomov, Nusratullo Makhsum and dozens of others, many of whom died on the way to our independence.

The second stage of Independence coincides with the Gorbachev reconstruction. Reconstruction and the democratic atmosphere in the country created the basis for real independence, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union on September 9, 1991, Tajikistan achieved full autonomy. The text of the declaration belongs to the pen of Tahir Abdujabbor and was read out in the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan by its chairman Kadriddin Aslonov. But Tajiks could not appreciate this great good. A struggle for power began in the country, and this struggle dragged Tajikistan into a bloody civil war, claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and also forced many to leave their homeland.

In November 1992, Rakhmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994) came to power with the support of foreign countries. With the signing of the Treaty of Peace and National Reconciliation in 1997, peace would seem to have returned to the country, but Rakhmonov continued his political struggle and the destruction of his political opponents and gradually turned Tajikistan into a dictatorship. Although Tajikistan, as an independent country, is a member of the UN and has basic foundations of independence, in fact it is influenced by other countries.
Today in Tajikistan, the country’s independence is considered one of Rakhmonov’s achievements. However, history shows that Rakhmonov sold the country’s independence after coming to power, guided by his personal interests. And today it is obvious that Tajikistan will not be able to achieve real independence until the day Rakhmonov is in power.

The political movement “Group of 24,” hoping for a bright future and the achievement of complete and real independence, congratulates all our dear compatriots, the noble people of Tajikistan on Independence Day, wishes them health, happiness and a prosperous life.

Political movement “Group 24”