Suhrob Zafar is released

Today, the head of the Group 24 Suhrob Zafar was released by the court of Istanbul in Turkey, based on lack of evidence and unfounded accusations of the Tajik government. Rahmonov and his government have again lost to the will of the people and fair justice of the Turkish Republic. But this time we should not be indifferent, because the cunning and insidious plans of the enemy will be continued. In case of failure of plan “A”, Rakhmonov will take plan “B”, that surely is the physical removal of his opponent.

We remain, that Suhrob Zafar was detained on March 19th this year, along with Nasimjon Sharipov in Turkey at the request of the government of Tajikistan. The court released Nasimjon Sharipov on may 29th, but the case of Suhrob Zafar continued until today. Group 24 expresses its gratitude to all those, who was with us and made every effort to liberate Suhrob Zafar. Our special thanks to the government of Turkey and its leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to the International human rights organizations, including HRW, Turkish Domestic organizations, lawyers and all compatriots who prayed for Suhrob Zafar’s release. Further details will be published later.

Information portal “Group 24”