On education in modern Tajikistan. And sad and funny

After the collapse of the Soviet education system, for about 30 years now, under the leadership of the permanent leader of the nation Rakhmonov, and with the direct participation of the Ministry of Education and Science, they have been trying to create a worthy replacement for it in Tajikistan. But apparently to no avail. The level of education and qualifications of numerous labor migrants from our country leaves much to be desired, makes our people the subject of ridicule abroad. There are also not few cases when students from Tajikistan are expelled from foreign universities due to a poor level of training. And the Tajiks themselves complain about the level of education in schools and universities, where exams are passed for money.

There are many problems in the field of education: the lack of qualified teachers, the lack of teaching aids, the numerous illegal fees in schools, the distant location of schools and, as a result, the reluctance of parents to give  children to study. And, of course, the most important problem is corruption. They steal money allocated by foreign states for the construction of new schools, and our children walk 4-5, or even more kilometers. In 2010, the World Bank allocated 20 million dollars, the German Development Bank another 13 million euros for the transition of the education system of Tajikistan to 12 years. Today is 2021, and the transition has not even begun, and the money for this transition has long been over.

In 2014, due to numerous complaints from parents about constant fees in schools, the Anti-Corruption Agency decided to show that they are not just eating state bread, but fighting corruption. And numerous inspectors went from this Agency to the schools of the country. And what happened was what parents who complained about the charges did not expect, they urgently began to collect money to treat them with dignity, and then thank the inspectors for writing in the reports: “the fact of illegal charges at school has not been established.”

The problem of paying for free education guaranteed by the Constitution is very acute today. Arrange a child for school – pay, then pay for everything, enter the University – pay, and in the University the main thing today is not to study, but also to pay. And the level of this conditionally free education is very low, and if someone has money for studying in a private gymnasium or there are abilities for self-education, then they most often leave to receive vocational education abroad and remain there. There are talented guys who still received higher education in Tajikistan, but they are trying their best to leave the country. As a result, we have a shortage of qualified personnel in various sectors of the economy, and a shortage of qualified teachers.

But in fairness, it should be noted that the Ministry of Education and Science has achieved success in some areas.Firstly, in the educational institutions of the country, everyone looks decent, as the president wants.Instead of thinking about how to improve the quality and accessibility of education for the population, officials did not sleep at night, wrote a methodological manual on how to look worthy of teachers and students. Only one of the president’s closest relatives can introduce a school uniform, certain standards and sew such a uniform. And the inspectors at the entrance to the educational institutions of the country were put so that everyone would correspond to the picture from the methodological manual.

Secondly, with the money of foreign investors, they equipped all schools in the country with computers. Even in distant villages, computers appeared where electricity is supplied uninterrupted only in the summer, when school students have holidays.

Thirdly, day and night, ministry officials make sure that there are no dissenting teachers and students who do not believe that Rakhmonov is leading the country to prosperity. And this is the main function of the Ministry of Education and Science: to subject everything to control and review. All educational institutions are under strict control, any initiatives are suppressed, innovative ideas are rejected. Development is impossible.

There will be no progress and no change for the better in the education system of Tajikistan as long as Rakhmonov is in power.

 Group of 24 political movement