10 December Human Rights Day

On December 10, Human Rights Day is celebrated worldwide, officially this day was established in 1950 by the UN General Assembly.

Basic human rights can be personal, political, socio-economic, cultural, environmental. Everyone receives personal rights from birth, they do not depend on citizenship, gender, age, race, religion. These include: the right to life, to personal dignity; inviolability of person, dwelling; prohibition of forced labor; freedom of movement, conscience and religion and others.

Political rights are basic constitutional rights of citizens that guarantee participation in the public and political life of the country. These include: equality before the law; freedom of conscience, speech and press, freedom of assembly and others. Socio-economic rights: the right to work and freedom of work, the right to education and medical care, and others. Cultural rights – the right to receive education in their native language, freedom of creativity and teaching, and others.

In Tajikistan, as well as around the world, various events dedicated to Human Rights Day are held on this day: “round tables,” conferences, etc. Central TV channels cheerfully broadcast about these events, the main purpose of which is to educate the population. High-ranking officials proudly tell the people from TV screens: “The Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan guarantees its citizens the fundamental rights and freedoms laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And all of us, as in democratic countries, human rights and freedoms are the main value. Remnants of the past and some traditions sometimes contradict international standards, but if the world community helps us with money, then soon everything in our society will comply with international standards. “

The Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan guarantees the observance of fundamental human rights. They are fixed in the second chapter. Over the years, various international organizations have been sounding the alarm and calling on the world community to pay attention to the situation with systematic violations of human rights in Tajikistan.

There are many violations, but there are those that cannot be overlooked, most often the following appear in international reports: illegal detentions, beatings and torture by the security forces; violation of the right to inviolability of the home and privacy; the persecution and detention of civil and political activists, journalists and lawyers; widespread censorship, restriction of access to information, criminal punishment for criticizing the authorities; violation of the rights to peaceful assembly; violations of religious freedoms; restriction of freedom of movement; the problem of human trafficking and forced labour. Despite numerous reports on human rights violations in Tajikistan, Rakhmonov intensively pretends that nothing is happening, government delegations resentfully leave international conferences where these problems are voiced. And the situation is not that does not change, it is getting worse. Realizing that all his actions go unpunished, Rakhmonov every year comes up with new laws that restrict the basic rights of our citizens. Laws whose purpose is: strengthening the ruling clan in power and enriching it.

In normal civilized countries, human rights are the main value, on the guard of compliance with which, and power, and a fair independent judicial system. We have a guarantor of respect for human rights – Rahmonov, and the courts that obey him, and he lives in his world, writes his laws and sets his standards! Compliance with international human rights norms threatens the authorities of Rakhmonov, and therefore ordinary Tajiks today have no guarantees of respect for basic human rights in the country.

December 10, on Human Rights Day, we want to remind Tajiks that by the right of birth of people, by the right of our human essence, we have the right to freedom and a decent life, and no one, no Rahmonov has the right to deprive us of this.


Political movement “Group 24”