July 24, 2022 – ten years since the tragedy in Khorog

 Exactly ten years ago, on July 24, 2012, tragic events took place in the city of Khorog, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people. Until now, none of the perpetrators of these events have been taken into custody, there has been a fair investigation and justice, no one has ever answered for the spilled blood of innocent people. All this was called a “military operation,” the purpose of which was to preserve the integrity of the state. But today it is obvious to everyone that the military defended then not the state, but the interests of one single person in the entire republic – Rahmonov. He has been so fearful and afraid of losing his power that he holds on to it in every way possible, including killing people. However, Rahmonov never hid his ambitions and feelings: “They came with blood, and we will leave with blood!”

Yes, that’s how he represents his retirement from politics.

A military special operation in eastern Tajikistan in the city of Khorog was planned in advance and in a matter of hours about 3 thousand soldiers and officers pulled up there, who surrounded and attacked the city without prior notice. Only according to official data, then during the special operation 23 civilians were killed, 30 militants, as well as more than 40 people were detained. But this is the information that was voiced by the residents of the country and the international community. We will never find out the truth. But the cause of those events and the true face of Rahmonov today are already known to everyone. The tragic events in Khorog, which took place 10 years ago, are nothing more than the outright genocide of their own people.

And the worst thing is that nothing has changed over the past 10 years! Rahmonov, as he did not hear the pain and requests of the people, does not hear them. He does not solve the problems that led to tragic events but continues to kill dissatisfied and desperate people. People who cannot live in poverty and tolerate the arbitrariness of local officials. He also protects his power from unarmed people, but with even greater cruelty. A new round of Rahmonov’s conflict with GBAO residents took place in May this year, peaceful demonstrations were suppressed, the military fired without pity into a crowd of unarmed people where there were women and children. Innocent people died again.

How many more human lives will be thrown under the feet of a bloody dictator?

“Group 24” by its existence and activity will always be a reminder to Rahmonov of crimes against its people!

Today we must remember and honor all the victims of the Khorog tragedy, all those who died in the struggle for freedom and liberation from the dictatorial regime.

Political movement “Group 24”