Tajikistan will celebrate the 30th anniversary of state independence.

 Gaining independence and the right to make decisions independently is a huge step in the development of the state and September 9 is rightfully considered one of the most important holidays in Tajikistan.

This year, the anniversary date has been 30 years since our country went its own way under the leadership of Rakhmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994).

The official website of the President of Tajikistan says: “All the most important achievements and successes of the country are the result of the selfless work and bold steps of Emomali Rakhmonov.” But what achievements and successes does he so boldly declare? Over 30 years of independence, economic stability could be achieved, but only Rakhmonov and his relatives achieved prosperity.

Shameful facts about the president’s “achievements” are a great many, but some of them are:

  • Loudly stated that having built the Hydroelectric Station will finally solve the problems with providing electricity to the population. As a result, the hydroelectric power plant actually built with people’s money, but the limit on electricity remained outside Dushanbe. In the 21st century, most people in our country experience a constant shortage of electricity.
  • Completely destroyed the opposition and freedom of speech. In honor of the holiday, he holds an amnesty, releasing murderers, rapists, but not political prisoners.
  • Built new buildings, people rejoice, but for the sake of profitable projects, the historical heritage and architectural monuments are destroyed. One of the high-profile crimes: the destruction of the Presidential Palace, depicted on the bill of 100 tajik somoni.
  • Unskilled specialists work in government agencies at all levels, as “nepotism” flourishes in the country. Talented people leave the country at every opportunity.
  • Corruption has reached unprecedented proportions, you can buy everything.
  • Destroys free competition by making monopolists in the market of their relatives.
  • Grossly intervenes in the personal life of citizens, dictates how to name children, how many guests to invite to the wedding, how to dress, etc.
  • Gave (and actually sold) a part of the territory measuring about 1000 sq km to China
  • Inconsistent and incomplete reform of the Tajik language also does not honor Rakhmonov

All the visible achievements of Rakhmonov are posters with his image throughout the country, an army of bootlickers reading poems and singing songs in his honor, and holidays on which huge budget money is spent. Holidays that only Rakhmonov and his associates need, otherwise explain the fact that people are forced to take part in great-great-great events. It comes to the absurdity when the precincts walk around the apartments and force people to join the festivities. “What are you sitting at home, for whom are fireworks launched?” – government officials turn to citizens. And people are not up to fireworks, they think what to feed children.

Within the country, there are not enough jobs and about a million of the country’s 8 million citizens are forced to work abroad, primarily in Russia. Transfers of labor migrants, according to unofficial estimates, annually account for about half of the country’s GDP(gross domestic product) – this is the main result of the 30-year reign of Rahmonov.

And this is not only our opinion that Rakhmonov has not done anything good in 30 years of Tajikistan’s independence, many politicians, journalists, economists and international experts also say this, for example, here is what the German expert on Central Asia mr.Eshment writes:

“Tajikistan’s economy is in a deplorable state, the population is on the verge of survival, while the Rahmonov family and his Dangara (Rahmonov´s birth village) countrymen are becoming increasingly rich.”

Tajikistan remains the poorest state in the Central Asian region, and is one of the 30 poorest countries in the world.

This is such a sad result that we can bring to the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s independence.

We are against the magnificent celebration hosted by Rakhmonov today in honor of the holiday, since there is nothing to honor him for, the country has no resources for such events, and the spread of coronovirus infection is still ongoing.

But we sincerely congratulate the Tajiks on this important historical date, on gaining independence and national identity. And we wish our people independence from the main source of poverty of the country – dictator Rakhmonov and his large family!

Political movement «Group 24»