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Rakhmonov against changes in the judicial system: the judge who passed the acquittal was detained

 Rustam Saidakhmadzoda, judge of the Bobojon Gafurov area district court of the Sogd region, was detained in Dushanbe on June 29. A court has already taken place to determine a preventive measure and he has determined the detention in a temporary detention center for a period of 2 months.

According to unofficial information, he was charged with abuse of office and false denunciation of a crime. Rustam Saidahmadzoda denies all charges.

One fact is alarming in all this business:

Literally at the end of May this year, information appeared in the press about the acquittal handed down just by this judge of the district court in the Sogd region. A criminal case of “fraud” was opened by the transport prosecutor’s office against a resident of Khujand, Afzal Majidi.

For Tajikistan, this is a very rare case when a simple citizen wins a court against the authorities.

The judicial system of Tajikistan has long been criticized, both by international human rights defenders and by ordinary people. The courts of the country always stand on the side of the state and accusations. And only in very rare cases can you hear about the acquittal. It is reliably known that for the entire 2019 in the courts of the country only 10 people were acquitted, and criminal cases were considered for the same year about 11 thousand!

These are terrifying figures that clearly demonstrate the essence of the Tajik courts.

But this state of judicial affairs is Rakhmonov’s direct interest and he is not going to change anything.

If the judge decided to go against the system and allowed the citizen to win the case against the transport prosecutor’s office, the judge must be urgently removed and imprisoned so that others are afraid and continue to pass sentences to the authorities.

Political movement “Group 24”

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