Tajikistan living in Ukraine needs assistance

 The war in Ukraine has been going on for a week. The events of recent days have threatened the lives of millions of citizens of this country, as well as foreign citizens located in Ukraine, including Tajik citizens too. EU countries have opened their borders to refugees, and hundreds of thousands of people who save their lives cross the borders of European countries every day.

The political movement “Group 24” was able to evacuate all its members from Ukraine to safe countries in Europe in a short time. However, a large number of our compatriots still remain in the territory of this country and want to leave it. They need our help.

The political movement “Group 24” expresses its readiness to extend a helping hand to its compatriots living in Ukraine and in European countries. This work is entrusted to representatives of the movement in European countries. All those in need of assistance, in connection with military operations in Ukraine, can call +4915218557548 for more information. We are ready to accompany those in need until they reach a safe European country and give them advice on asylum.

The Political movement “Group 24” also calls on compatriots in Russia, Europe and the United States with financial capabilities to help Tajiks leave Ukraine.

Those living in Russia can transfer their funds to the Sberbank 5228600555287673 card for help. Residents of Europe and the United States can contact representatives of the movement in their country and contribute to this important common cause.

Today, our compatriots living in Ukraine need the help of each of us.


Political movement “Group 24”