Political movement “Group 24” officially terminates its activities in the Russian Federation!

 As you know, the political movement “Group 24” was formed in the Russian Federation in 2012. But unfortunately, in recent years, the Russian government has begun to bargain behind the scenes with Tajikistan’s dictatorial regime. The result was numerous deportations of persons objectionable to the Emomali Rakhmonov regime living in Russia. The Russian authorities, spitting not only on international law, but also partially on their domestic Russian law, deprived citizenship and canceled passports of citizens from Tajikistan for 24 hours without legal proceedings. They extradited not only members of opposition parties and movements to Tajikistan, but also human rights defenders, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, leaders of the Tajik diaspora and other independent prominent personalities, many of whom the Tajik regime accused of fictitious crimes and sentenced to long prison terms.

Regarding the disappearance of its activists, the political movement “Group 24” has repeatedly appealed to the Russian authorities to clarify the situation, since the activities of the Group of 24 were not banned in Russia. Moreover, several of our activists had political refugee status in that country. The political movement “Group 24” has never violated Russian law. Despite all this, the Russian authorities helped the Tajik authorities in the abduction of our activists and other citizens of Tajikistan.

An example of this is the recent numerous abductions of the leaders of the Badakhshan diaspora in Russia by the special services of Tajikistan with the help of the special services of the Russian Federation. After these events, the Russian leadership showed its true face, discrediting itself in front of everyone.

Putin and the Russian government have become real patrons of dictators around the world. They support Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, Bashar al Assad in Syria, Isaias Afewerki in Eritrea, etc. In the post-Soviet space, the CSTO(Collective Security Treaty Organization) military-political bloc was created. In the event of popular discontent in these countries, they use their military machine against the common people. CSTO – under this name are the killers of the common people and democracy. Recent developments in Kazakhstan are an example of this. Putin uses this organization to support his dictator puppets in the CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States).

And the political movement “Group 24” condemns Putin’s full-scale war against a free Ukraine, which has already killed thousands of people, forced millions from their homes, and destroyed many cities of Ukraine to the ground.

The political movement “Group 24” strongly condemns the Putin regime and considers its actions a crime against humanity and a grave violation of international law. All this is the result of the fact that the people of Russia allowed one person – Putin to be in power for many years, concentrate all power in his hands and lead Russia to dictatorship and, ultimately, to collapse.

Also, the political movement “Group of 24” expresses its full support for the people – the hero of Ukraine, the army and the political leadership of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom and justice, in the struggle against the invaders.


The Administration of the political movement “Group 24”