Unfair court verdict against journalist Daler Emomali

Unfair court verdict against journalist Daler Emomali.

Rahmonov’s repressive regime continues to destroy the remnants of freedom in the country. After the massacre of freedom-loving Badakhshan, the criminal regime began to persecute and arrest true-minded journalists and bloggers so that no one else dared to talk about the problems of society. Over the past six months, seven journalists and bloggers have been arrested in Tajikistan. Two of them: Muhammad Sultan, sentenced to 8 years and Abdullo Gurbati – to 7.5 years. And recently, journalist Daleri Emomali was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Journalist Daleri Emomali’s “sin,” like other detained and convicted journalists and bloggers, was that he talked about the problems of people and the shortcomings of society. However, the regime brought a fabricated case against him, as well as against other freethinking journalists and bloggers, to put him in prison. The authorities accused him of doing illegal business, disseminating deliberately false information and membership in the political movement “Group 24” Daler Emomali himself denied all charges, except the organization of illegal business.

Political movement “Group 24” has previously stated and reiterated that journalist Daleri Emomali has nothing to do with political movement “Group 24”. With this accusation, law enforcement officers first want to “justify” the imprisonment of Daleri Emomali, and then loudly report “upstairs,” about the successful fight against the opposition. Otherwise, it is impossible to land a journalist for 10 years, only for the fact that he is engaged in illegal business.

The political movement “Group 24” calls on Tajik civil society, human rights organizations and the international community not to remain neutral against repression of free-thinking journalists in Tajikistan and to pay due attention to the recent developments in the fight against freedom of speech by the repressive Rahmonov regime.

Rahmonov’s authoritarian regime is very afraid of the slightest spark of freedom and truth, because it knows that the awakening of the people can lead to the overthrow of this despot. The day is not far off when the people will be ready to achieve freedom and complete independence.

Political movement “Group 24”