The watching by schoolchildren of the video plots of “Group-24” made Rakhmonov nervous

In Istaravshan city, at the end of March, three schoolchildren were detained on suspicion of distributing videos of the political movement “Group-24”

Minors were interrogated for three days and released on bail, as if they had committed a really serious crime.

The video videos of the Group-24 do not contain any prohibited content, there are no scenes of violence or calls for violence, we are for the peace and prosperity of our country, we simply cover events that the whole country controlled by Rakhmonov is silent about. We show and talk about what Rakhmonov does not like.

Since the end of March, the activity of our group has increased, including in social networks, in connection with the deportation from Russia and the arrest in Dushanbe of human rights activist Izzat Amon. Hundreds of our compatriots in Russia were left without support, felt absolutely disenfranchised and all this happened through the fault of Rakhmonov. Realizing that Rakhmonov is only interested in her own position in power, people began to act, defend their interests, and seek support, including from us. After all, we openly said and wrote that this situation is a complete arbitrariness and lawlessness of the Rakhmonov regime. We simply defend democratic values to which our people have every right, we do not call for war, revolution, violation of international legal norms.

An innocent video, from the world’s perspective, viewed by schoolchildren yearning for the truth, had serious consequences:

– The head of education in the city of Istaravshan was removed from the post.

– The commotion also began in the department of education in the Sogd region, where officials talked about the fact that it is necessary to prohibit students from using phones and check with their parents what teenagers do on the network. Violation of all personal rights, freedoms, disrespect for the person, not to mention the fact that everything proposed is simply not analogous and undermines the trust in parents and teachers.

– This insignificant event came to the Ministry of Education, where they stated that urgently in all schools of the country they began to hold explanatory conversations with students about the importance of peace and stability in the country, and in others, to inspire the younger generation that “Rakhmonov is always right,” “Rakhmonov is the founder of the world and the Leader of the Nation,” and everyone who thinks and speaks differently, terrorists.

It seems like such a minor event – the students watched the video “Group-24,” but judging by the reaction of the authorities, Rakhmonov is very afraid of the spread of opposition ideas and opinions in society. And in fear and anger, he makes mistakes, like the arrest of Izzat Amon, the more he turns the people against himself.

 Political movement “Group24”