Amriddin Alovatshoev is another victim of Rakhmonov’s merciless regime

 A few days ago, information appeared in the press about the verdict passed to Amriddin Alovatshoev. The informal leader of the Badakhshans in Russian Federation, the athlete was sentenced to 18 years.

It was Amriddin Alovatshoev in November 2021, according to the Tajik authorities, who was the organizer of mass protests at the Tajikistan Embassy in Moscow. Then the discontent of the Badakhshans was caused by the death of Gulbiddin Ziebekov, during the operation of the security forces to detain him.

On January 11 this year, Amriddin Alovatshoev disappeared in Moscow, Russian law enforcement agencies and the Tajik authorities denied any involvement in his disappearance.

Only three weeks later, representatives of the Tajik authorities admitted that Alovatshoev was in Dushanbe. But at the same time, Prosecutor General of Republic of Tajikistan Yusuf Rakhmon said that Amriddin Alovatshoev was extradited from Russian Federataion, and Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda claimed that “he voluntarily returned to his homeland” and was detained at the airport. In fact, a well-known native of GBAO(Gorno Badakhshan Autonomus region)became another victim of a criminal conspiracy between the authorities of Russia and Tajikistan and in violation of all international laws, was kidnapped and illegally transferred to reprisal to Emomali Rahmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994).

According to Alovatshoev’s relatives, the authorities promised to give him a minimum term in exchange for public repentance and the keep silence of his relatives.

In mid-February, Alovatshoev’s appeal was shown on the “Badakhshon” state channel, in which he spoke of his voluntary return to his homeland and repentance for the alleged crimes committed. He also denied the use of torture, although many experts claim the opposite.

And here is the ending of this whole story: 18 years in prison!

The silence of relatives who did not attract the help of international human rights defenders and almost did not communicate with the press did not lead to anything good. You cannot negotiate and believe the criminals who are Rahmonov law enforcement officers. Do not be silent when all conceivable and unthinkable rights, freedoms and laws are so unceremoniously violated! We must shout about it to the whole world!!!

Another egregious fact of this lawlessness is that the court only had a few hours to decide the fate of a person. Everything was decided in advance, and the court was a purely formal procedure.

Fear our courts, they exist for only one purpose: preserving the power of Rahmonov and the image of the country as a democratic state.

Unfortunately, this sentence to Amriddin Alovatshoyev is 18 years in prison, this is another victory of Rahmonov over that part of the population of Tajikistan, which is against lawlessness, which is for freedom and a better future. For the future without Rahmonov and his hungry family!

But we believe that thanks to people like Amriddin Alovatshoev, bold and striving for justice, we are all getting closer to our goal: a free and prosperous Tajikistan, independence without Rakhmonov!

Political movement “Group 24”