One of the most painful topics for Tajik people is the problems of labor migration. For Umarali Kuvvatov this issue also was very sensitive. As known to all, two million Tajik people out of an eight million population are abroad and live in difficult vital conditions. Their rights are violated, and Rahmon’s Government is doing nothing to reduce their number or at least to protect them in the countries, where they work. During Rahmon’s government, the number of such migrants not only didn’t decrease, but on the contrary increased dramatically. Citizens of Tajikistan need to leave their homes due to the lack of funds for existance and opportunities to find a job. Because of this, the once proud and ancient people of Tajikistan, has now become a subject of mockery for others.

Umarali Kuvvatov’s followers or “Group 24” have an important goal which is to find a solution for this painful problem of the Tajik people.


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