Tragedy in Rushan-city. Why are the world’s media silent?

 Since May 14, protests have continued in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region.

The region has been troubled since November 2021, when Gulbidin Ziebekov was killed by security forces during a special operation. Then, for four days, civilians protested against injustice. Even then, the authorities promised the protesters that those responsible for Ziebekov’s death would be punished, the military would be withdrawn from the region, the Internet and mobile communications would be restored, and the protesters would not be persecuted. The people waited, but so far the authorities have not made any of their promises. In addition, people who participated in the November protests were constantly arrested.

Discontent grew and reached its climax when it became known about the long-term condemnation of immigrants from the GBAO, who supported their compatriots by going to a rally in Moscow. Amriddin Alovatshoev and Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev were illegally deported from Russia. Alovatshoev was sentenced to 18 years in prison, and Chorshanbiev to 8.5 years. And this, instead of promising not to persecute the protesters, besides, Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev was always very far from politics, he never condemned the Rakhmonov regime. These unfair sentences caused a wave of indignation among the Badakhshans.

As a result, on May 14, about 200 people took part in a protest in Khorugi Bolo. The requirements for the authorities were put forward as follows: the resignation of the head of the GBAO Alisher Mirzonabot and the mayor of the city of Rizo Nazarzoda, the lifting of all checkpoints and the cessation of persecution of the inhabitants of Badakhshan. The authorities said that all the protesters’ demands were unfaithful and demanded that local residents stop rallying.

But the protests continued and on May 16, the police began, according to some sources, shooting without warning into the crowd. As a result of the police force, a resident of Khorog, Zamir Nazarshoev, was killed and several people were injured.

And it is very difficult to find any information about further events in Khorog. GBAO is informationally cut off from the outside world, the Internet and mobile communications are completely blocked in the region.

The anonymous media are afraid to cover the situation in Badakhshan, after it became known about the attack on journalists of a major Asia Plus agency. This agency officially announced that they face closure if they continue to write about rallies in GBAO. And foreign media outlets were stripped of their accreditation.

According to information from local residents, now a real tragedy has played out in Badakhshan. Rakhmonov is waging a real war with his people for power. Peaceful protests are suppressed with great cruelty.

Residents of Rushan, including women and children, took to the streets and blocked traffic in Khorog of the military column. In total, about 500-600 people came out. Local residents refused to disperse and let the military pass, they were ordered to disperse until the evening. They stood to the end for their freedom and justice. On May 18, by order of Rakhmonov, fire was opened on an unarmed crowd, local residents’ houses were also fired upon, many dead and wounded. Detentions are taking place throughout Rushan, people are beaten to death.

How much more blood will innocent people shed? How many more sacrifices will be made to the Rakhmonov regime?

The political movement “Group 24” expresses deep condolences to the families of the victims.


Political movement “Group 24”