The People’s Tajik Prima: the onset of cold means that electricity will soon be cut off!

 Over the past two weeks, there have been reports from residents of different parts of the country about a power outage: somewhere they cut off electricity for the whole day, somewhere the power supply stops at night.

At the same time, the “Barki Tojik” company once again refutes information about the introduction of a limit on electricity. And again, the population is convinced that repair work on power lines and substations is responsible for everything.

Every year, with the onset of cold weather in our country, they begin to urgently carry out repair and preventive work on power lines. At the same time, the management of “Barki Tojik” never reports on the timing of these works.

Last year, also around this time of year, many residents of Tajikistan were left without electricity, and they were also told about repair and preventive work. Then the outages began on October 31, the day after the inauguration of Rakhmonov(the President of Tajikistan since 1994), at which, in his solemn speech, he once again promised to the residents of the country energy abundance and independence. However, he has been making these promises for about 30 years, but the Tajik citizen are so regularly and remain in the cold season without light and heat.

And it is always to blame for the shortage of electric energy, either climatic conditions, or repair and preventive work. The population directs its anger at the leadership of “Barki Tojik”, it is supposedly they repair for a long time, and also sell electric energy abroad.

But Rakhmonov must be blamed for the cave conditions of life. He and only he is responsible for the country’s electricity shortages. He makes the decision to whom to sell electricity: to his population or neighbors. He created a system of illiterate leadership at the level of all ministries in the country! The system when it is important to report beautifully, shift your guilt to others and continue to calmly enrich at the expense of the population! Incompetence of managers, inability or unwillingness to competently allocate and use resources are the main reasons for interruptions in the supply of electricity to the population.

Political movement “Group 24”