Statement of the Political Movement “Group-24” on the entry of Tajik troops into Kazakhstan

 For the fifth day, mass protests have been held in Kazakhstan due to rising prices for liquefied gas. Protests, as a result of which tens of thousands of people took to the streets in many cities and in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, began with economic demands, gradually acquired a political connotation and shocked the government of Kazakhstan. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands detained during clashes between security forces and protesters.

Having lost control of the situation, the Government of Kazakhstan stated that this was the work of terrorists operating from abroad, and on the evening of January 5 decided to appeal to the CSTO(Collective Security Treaty Organization) with a request to stabilize the situation. According to the organization’s charter, in the event of an external threat to a member of the organization, the CSTO joint forces have the right to enter the country to provide assistance.

Together with other CSTO troops, Tajikistan sent about 200 troops to Kazakhstan.

The Group of 24 political movement considers the recent events in Kazakhstan an internal matter of the country and states that the events were not provoked from the outside and have deep political, economic and social roots. The people of Kazakhstan, who are protesting on the streets today, are not terrorists. Like the people of some post-Soviet countries, who have lived under dictatorship and corruption for almost 30 years, they want to build a free and democratic society.

The political movement “Group 24” strongly condemns the entry of Tajik troops into Kazakhstan, calling it interference in the affairs of another country.

Political movement “Group 24”