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Some of our activists in Tajikistan were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for their activities. Also, many people disappeared because of having links with the “Group 24” in Tajikistan. In March 2015, three people have been jailed in Tajikistan on suspicion of collaboration with the Group 24, they received the punishment from 16.5 to 17.5 years. In April 2015 two people were sent to prison for 3 and 3.5 years for organizing the activities of the “Group 24” on the territory of Tajikistan.

Our Group held protests in the cities of Berlin, Bonn and Wuppertal of Germany, in Warsaw – the Republic of Poland, in Istanbul – Turkey. Planned protest in Moscow because of the request of the Tajikistan’s government were not allowed by the government of Moscow city.

“Group 24” wrote and sent the letters with the contents of the unilateral violation of the Rahmon’s government “the ceasefire Agreement between the Government of Tajikistan and the United Tajik opposition”, sined on 27 June 1997, thus set the stages for further destabilization of the situation in the Republic of Tajikistan. These letters were sent to the UN, the UN’s Department of human rights, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the OSCE, the Government and the foreign Ministry of Russian Federation.

A sample letter in Russian:

The fate of the peace agreement in Tajikistan under the government of the Dictator Emomali Rahmon

After the signing of the peace agreement between the government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the United Tajik opposition on the inter-Tajik conflict resolution (1992-1997) 27.06.1997  in the Kremlin, with the mediation of the UN was created a stable environment in the country.

Since the signing agreement for ending a devastating civil war in Tajikistan, which required hard work, had passed 19 years and authorities have deployed an increased persecution of opposition’s members.

The administration of President Emomali Rahmon, which does not tolerate the slightest manifestation of dissent, throws opponents in jail or forces them to flee from the country. Many people become victims of homicide under the mysterious circumstances. On this background, this year’s celebration of the “Day of national unity” – anniversary of the signing on 27 June 1997 the agreement of the cessation of civil through the mediation of the UN, seems very fake and feigned.

Emomali Rahmon refused to abide the peace Agreement even before the ink in paper dried. After the neutralization of the opposition, official mass media of Tajikistan began to rewrite the history. A few days before the “Day of national unity,” state’s televisions showed a documentary film about the civil war, in which it was claimed that Emomali Rahmon, who is staying in power for 25-year, alone put an end to the conflict. In this film, was not said a word about the role of the opposition in ending the war and maintaining peace.

On the basis of the peace agreement 30 % of the positions in government should be allocated to the opposition and the first time the rules have been followed. However, little by little the number of members of the opposition in government and Parliament has decreased, some of them were died under the strange circumstances. By 2015, their number was virtually nullified. The prosecution of political opponents of the President Emomali Rahmon by Tajik authorities had taken place in previous years, but after the so-called coup attempt under the leadership of Abduhalim Nazarzoda, open repressions and persecution of any dissent with such force began in the country, that recent months the international community practically does not cease to say about it.

Representatives of the real, and not fake opposition parties and movements have been under the widespread persecution and their relatives were under the pressure. Recognized in Tajikistan as terrorists, peaceful opposition forces such as the movement “Group 24” and “the Party of Islamic revival of Tajikistan”, are not recognized in any country of the world as terroristic, which confirms the falsehood and politically motivated judicial decisions to these organizations by the authorities of Tajikistan. This fact is confirmed also with that, the other countries do not extradate to Tajikistan the activists of these organisations by the numerous requests of the Tajik authorities.

Moreover, after the referendum for amendments to the basic law of the country, Emomali Rahmon has legislatively secured the right for life governing of the country with the ability to transfer power to his son Rustam Emomali, in this way leading the country, on paper-called democratic, to the absolute monarchy of medieval times.

Thus, the government of Emomali Rahmon has nullified years of effort to achieve peace and accord in Tajikistan, violating not only the terms of the peace agreement, but also its obligations to the guarantor countries of this agreement, among whom was the Russian Federation.

Many experts and scientists from different countries have the opinion, that the government of Emomali Rahmon with its actions of the usurpation of power in the country and the repressions against the opposition, puts in a greater jeopardy the peace and stability in Tajikistan.

In addition, Tajik government with the creating the conditions for action of the political opposition underground,  puts in the hands of terrorist organizations carte Blanche to attract dissenting sitizens, as evidenced the facts of growing number of followers of the international terrorist organizations amoung Tajik sitizens, and even the Tajik government recognizes it.

by the result, is under threat not only security in the country, but in the region as a whole, which is contrary to the interests of the international community and the Russian Federation in Central Asia.

In this regard, being concerned about the future of our country and stability in the region, we call upon the competent organs of the Russian Federation to assist and to do everything possible for forcing the government of Emomali Rahmon to comply with the obligationg taken in 1997.

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