Speech of the leader of “Group 24” Sukhrob Zafar on the occasion of the 30 anniversary of the State independence of Tajikistan

 The leader of the political movement “Group 24” Sukhrob Zafar at the beginning of the performance on a case of the 30 anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, referring to the contemporary history of the state, the history of formation of the republic, disintegration of the Soviet Union and finding of independence of Tajikistan, I emphasized that the foundation for Independence was laid by those who built this country in the twentieth century and I worked hard over it. Disintegration of the Soviet Union opened a way to full independence.

    Sukhrob Zafar continued the performance, having told that among people there are different opinions on whether really we are independent today: some think that we are independent, others have the opposite point of view. If to judge by canons of international law, then the Republic of Tajikistan has all attributes of the independent state, but because of the economic and military weakness isn’t politically independent and is under the influence of superstates, first of all Russia.

     Then the leader of “Group 24” drew the attention of audience to what the government achieved and what didn’t manage to be made in 30 years of independence. According to Sukhrob Zafar, annually on the eve of the Independence Day of the power and supporters of the government, as always, eulogize  Emomali Rakhmonov and never his politicians speak about shortcomings. According to him, the first mistake was made in the first years of independence and was that because of inexperience of politicians the fratricidal and civil war began. During the war and after national reconciliation, humanitarian aid of the international community was stolen. Though war ended peacefully, national reconciliation lasted not for long, and the parties still continue to accuse each other of the tragedy, blackening some and doing Saints of others. People are forced to emigrate because of poverty and lack of work, and during migration they perform the most hard work to earn to themselves a living. To be far from the house to provide family, became the norm for society. Today hundreds of thousands of people live abroad, far from the wives and children and can’t even be present at a funeral of the relatives. Independence had to rally us, but turned out opposite, it separated our people even more, deprived of it at home, reduced his prestige in the opinion of other people, allowing to offend itself and to sneer at us.

When people gradually realized that migration – it is abnormal, they tried to change the life, but instead of hearing the voice of the people, the authorities destroyed leaders of regions, arrested and repressed activists, having intimidated by that people. In the first years of independence we were courageous and fearless, but in 30 years Rakhmonov’s regime turned us into the intimidated people. We are so frightened that we took away property from us, and we are silent. We are so frightened that our fathers, brothers, children and friends are put in prisons, kill and torture, and we are silent. We, Muslims, so are afraid today that we remember Rakhmonov more often than God, we eulogize Rakhmonov more, than God. Though civil war isn’t a reason for pride, but those years we were the only Post-Soviet country which had experience of conducting combat operations, but for the last 30 years most of these young people were killed, imprisoned or emigrated. Poverty destroys human dignity. During this time our army very much weakened, and incompetent people direct it. Tajikistan is located in the area where the strong army is necessary. Because of the hilly terrain of the Tajik army more infantry, than heavy machinery is necessary. In our country not only men, but also women have to know about use of weapons. Release from military service does our army even more weakly. Today the Tajik army isn’t able to provide sovereignty of the country in one day.

   In the conclusion, Sukhrob Zafar told that Tajikistan never was free and oppressed at the time of tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union and in the period of independence. Today independence of Tajikistan is put down to credit only to Rakhmonov, but not those who promoted her in the 1920th years, and that who promoted her in the 1990th. Today Rakhmonov in every way tries to keep the power therefore we are under oppression and influence of superstates and neighboring countries because he knows that if he opposes these countries, he will lose the power. So to do?

In response to this question the leader of “Group 24” told that, fortunately, today abroad there are parties and movements which depending on the opportunities fight against Rakhmonov’s regime. At the same time he called the intellectuals of the country, despite the lack of interest in opposition, to leave in the field of fight and not to be silent. Today the people and the country need the intellectuals. It will eradicate oppression and will make Tajikistan the free and prosperous country.

At the end of a performance the leader of the political movement “Group 24” Sukhrob Zafar congratulated the nice people of Tajikistan on the 30 anniversary of Independence and answered questions of attendees.


Political movement “Group 24”