Dushanbe authorities plan to demolish Sadriddin Aini’s house-museum

 In recent days, a discussion broke out in scientific circles in Dushanbe about the demolition of the historical monument, the house-museum of Sadriddin Aini, the founder of modern Tajik literature. The authorities of Dushanbe claim that it will be the transfer of the museum house to another more suitable building, and they also claim that nothing is planned to be built on the site of the old mansion. Obviously, the city authorities are once again cunning in order to achieve their mercantile goals. Well, this beautiful mansion drowning in the greens, completely restored in 2018, cannot spoil the appearance of the city.

Figures of science and culture of Tajikistan speak out sharply against the destruction of a historically significant building, emphasizing that the transfer of museum exhibits to another place will not allow to fully preserve the memory of the life and activities of Sadriddin Aini. But no matter how much we appeal to the reason and conscience of our officials, all this is useless, because they see nothing but their gain and profit. Time will pass and we will see for what it took once again to destroy a significant page of our history, and we will find out how much it cost to betray future generations for whom we could not preserve an important part of our culture.
Over the past years, the Dushanbe authorities have ardently taken up the alleged arrangement of the city, but at the same time they mercilessly destroy buildings of historical value, according to them, these old buildings spoil the appearance of the city. So the Russian Drama Theater named after Mayakovsky, the presidential palace, the Jami cinema, the city hall, etc. And where the history of the city and our people was created, today skyscrapers, business and shopping centers are rising. People who have not done anything to go down in history are stuffing their pockets, erasing the traces of our great compatriots, detracting from their contribution to the development of Tajikistan.

What is happening today in Dushanbe is part of the general trend of recent years, when they extol Rakhmonov and detract or steal the achievements of outstanding personalities. The merits of all the people who lived for the people and Tajikistan today are devalued, everything is done so that we forget our true history and know only what supports the cult of Rakhmonov.
We live at a time when the history of Tajikistan is being rewritten before our eyes, for this purpose historical monuments are being destroyed and new places of worship of the Dictator are being created. We risk forgetting our history, and the people have no future without history.

Political movement “Group 24”