Shokhida Mamadzhonova sentenced to 6 years prison!

 Shokhida Mamadzhonova is the mother of blogger Sherzod Mamadzhonov, who lives in Germany and is known for criticizing the religious policy of the Tajik authorities.

Recall, on February 3, Shokhida Mamadzhonova went to the police department of Vakhdat city to pick up her phone and disappeared. And only a few days later, in violation of all conceivable rights and laws, on February 8, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that she was in their custody and was charged with cooperation with the political movement “Group 24”

In early April, the media reported that the investigation into the Mamadzhonova case was completed and sent to court. It was also reported that she confessed and confirmed that she had collaborated with Group 24, evidence was allegedly found on her mobile phone.

We have already declared and once again officially declare:  Shokhida Mamadzhonova NEVER had no ties with political movement “Group 24”!!!

The case against the blogger’s mother is fabricated! And it remains only to guess how the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs obtained confessions from the woman.

The fact that once again Rahmonov jails an absolutely innocent man is confirmed by Sherzod Mamajonov. In an interview with Ozodi radio, he stated that he had been contacted by people close to the government and named the conditions he had to meet for the mother to be released. So they demanded that he return to Tajikistan and repent of what he had done.

As a result, on April 7, the Ismoili Somoni District Court of Dushanbe convicted Shohida Mamadzhonova and sentenced her to 6 years in prison. The absurdity of the situation is that the evidence of guilt was three comments (!) Made by a woman, under the video on YouTube.

Blatant injustice, gross violation of human rights! We call on all international human rights organizations to pay attention to this case!

Such lawlessness should not be in a secular democratic state. Parents should not be responsible for the actions of minor children!

Stop noting the shortcomings of the state system of Tajikistan and record cases of human rights violations!!! Stop sponsoring Rahmonov, allocating money to create human rights funds in the country and to eliminate the shortcomings of the system!!! It is time to set tough conditions for Rahmonov and demand respect for human rights in Tajikistan.

The political movement “Group 24”