Rakhmonov found another culprit, this time at the Ministry of Education

 A few days ago, Rakhmonov carried out another personnel reshuffle. This time, Minister of Education and Science Imomzoda and his deputies were removed from their posts. Rahimjon Saizoda became the new Minister of Education, Jamshed Jurazoda became the new first deputy, Shukrullo Khairzoda and Lutfia Abduholikzoda became the deputies.

In a recent message to parliament, Rakhmonov sharply criticized the field of education. Former Minister Imomzoda did not dare to list and agreed that there were many problems in the field of education. Even managed to promise the people reforms. And then he became famous for absurd statements about the departure of teachers and the lack of pedagogical personnel, saying that “this is not a tragedy, but a life dynamics.” And in the same way, he reacted to the question of journalists about the conscription of students and masters into the army: “Do not arrange a tragedy.” What caused a flurry of indignation among journalists and citizens. And Rakhmonov decided that this was a wonderful case to make Imomzada guilty of everything: and the fact that for thirty years normal working conditions and remuneration for teachers have not been created, and that against the background of an acute shortage of educated personnel, masters are being taken into the army, and students are not allowed to get an education, in the fact that for thirty years our field of education has been preparing only guest workers! And Rakhmonov eliminates him, another incompetent minister of education.

This is Rakhmonov’s favorite tactic – to make officials guilty of all problems. Except he appoints these incompetent ministers himself. So is it not his responsibility, not his fault, that in all the posts in the country there are inappropriate people who do not know how and do not want to do anything?

After all, this time as a minister turned out to be a difficult mortal. The family of Rakhimjon Saidzoda is known in bureaucratic circles: his brother is the deputy mayor of Dushanbe city Rustami Emomali, and another brother is the chairman of the district in the Khatlon region, previously he was also the deputy mayor of Dushanbe. It turns out again everything is solved by connections, the same people, from the same families constantly find themselves in state posts. Rakhmonov constantly pretends that he is changing something, but as we know, “the sum does not change from the rearrangement of the places of the terms.”

You can remove as many ministers as you like, but all this will not solve the numerous problems of the state. You need to start from the head, from Rakhmonov himself!

After all, only one, the most incompetent official in the country, Rakhmonov, created and supports this rotten system.

Political movement “Group 24”