Punish the opponent at any cost: Rahmonov punishes the mother for the actions of an adult son

  So far, nothing is known about the fate of Shohida Makhmadjonova, who went to the OMVD( Department of the Ministry of the Interior) of Vakhdat on February 3 and disappeared. Recently, an article on repression was published on our website as the main tool for suppressing the opposition by Rakhmonov. And unfortunately, we are returning to this topic again. The missing woman is the mother of Sherzod Makhmadjonov, who lives in Germany and is known for his criticism of Rakhmonov’s religious policy.

The blogger’s relatives in Tajikistan have long been pressured by the authorities to influence him, abandon criticism and force him to return to his homeland. So about two years ago, his mother lost her job in the central hospital of the city of Wahdat, she was forced to quit “of her own free will.” And she was also repeatedly interrogated at the State Committee for National Security.In January of this year, the woman was interrogated several times at the Department of the Ministry of the Interior, at the same time a mobile phone was seized from her. On February 2, Shohida Makhmadjonova received a call and was told to come for a phone. The next day, she went to the Department of the Ministry of the Interior in Vakhdat and disappeared, she no longer got in touch with her relatives.

Local authorities do not comment on this situation. Relatives and relatives are also not told whether or not the citizen Makhmadjonov is in the Department of the Ministry of the Interior. It is known that the court decision to arrest citizen Makhmadjonova was not. Once again, we see that Rakhmonov is merciless to his critics, by any means and means he destroys them. But now a cowardly, immoral act has been committed: to take the mother, to subject an innocent woman to suffering. Rakhmonov from television screens constantly broadcasts about the role of women in modern society, about special respect for all mothers, but in fact, as we see, he commits heinous crimes. Legal norms are violated daily in Tajikistan, human life is worth nothing and we all understand that this should not be the case, but this is happening. It happens before the eyes of the whole nation and the world. The political movement “Group 24” calls on all citizens and the world community, human rights organizations to sound alarm and seek the release of Shohida Makhmadjonova. You can’t leave a family alone with your misfortune, keep quiet today and tomorrow will take our parents. Tajikistan has long been dominated not by the rule of law, but by the rule of Rakhmonov.

Political movement “Group 24”