To assure rather than to force, to lead rather than to rule – that is the highest art. (Mark Montesquieu)

According to law “Leader of Nation” is already established the Fund, the Order and the award of the so called “Leader of Nation. According to the terms of this law, absolute immunity shall be granted to the president and his family. Moreover, when the president has retired, he shall receive a lifetime financial support, medical care, accommodation, transportation and security from the government. In addition, he will be able to take part in government events and make appeals to the people.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that the new law declares Rahmon as the founder of peace and independence in Tajikistan! But…The founder of independence in Tajikistan?! That is so not true! Let’s recall how the “leader of the nation” came to power. Not so long ago, in 1992, the candidacy of Emomali Rahmon for the post of the President of Tajikistan was offered to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia by Sangak Safarov, a warlord and a multiple-time offender with 26-year experience! At that time, Rahmon was the chairman of the farm. But an attempt by him to become president of the country seemed funny, so 2-3 weeks before the election campaign he was appointed head of the executive committee of Kulob. By the way, it should be noted that he was devoted to Sangak Safarov. Then, using the support of Moscow and Tashkent, Rahmon through arms and blood seized power. Because of him, thousands of civilians were killed during the Civil War.

It must be said that Rahmonov has never participated in the adoption of the independence of Tajikistan. He got the power in 1992, but a document of the independence of our country was signed in 1991 by Kadriddin Aslonov – Chairman of the Supreme Council, who soon was killed by Rahmonov. However, why do you think nowadays that the document, which was signed by Aslonov is nowhere mentioned in Tajikistan? Why does the new generation of Tajikistan think that Rahmonov is a guarantor of the peace and independence of the country?

Because he is an impostor and murderer who ascribes to himself something that he has never done. He broke and canceled all contracts that were signed during the conclusion of a truce in Tajikistan. Now, by changing the history, Emomali Rakhmonov is trying to create a good reputation and image of himself. His goal is to make a new generation think that he has created everything in Tajikistan in order to be idolized till the rest of his life. Probably most of you now don’t agree with me. Let’s think about it. If the government of Rahmon is so good, and he is the only and unique “leader of the nation”, who every day and night thinks only about his people, then why are there hundreds of thousands of people illegally convicted in the country? Why do millions of our citizens flee to Russia or Europe? Why do we have the highest levels of corruption and child mortality? Why do our people not live in their own country?

All because, no matter how many times Rahmonov rewrites the law “The Leader of the Nation”, it is obvious that he is incompetent in governing the country! If this «leader of the nation» governs Tajikistan, then the people of the country will continue living in slavery and humiliation.

Sh. Mahmadshoev