International Hijab Day. Why did Rakhmonov dislike the Hijab?

Since February 1, 2013, Hijab day has been celebrated worldwide. The idea of ​ ​ drawing attention to the problem of misunderstanding and rejection by society of women in the hijab belongs to Nazma Khan, a native of Bangladesh. On this day, activists are trying to show people that we are all the same, regardless of religion and culture, and must live in peace and mutual respect. In many countries of the world, actions are held in shopping centers and on the streets, when women passers-by are offered to try on a hijab.

But in Tajikistan for several years the population has been persistently offered to remove the hijab. At the initiative of the authorities, women are persuaded to abandon the hijab, replace it with a national handkerchief, and wear national clothes. The police arrange regular raids, catching violators, taking them to the policestation, where women are humiliated, threatened and often fined for “hooliganism.” Women in hijabs are denied service in government agencies, hiring, etc. Thus, Rakhmonov(president of Tajikistan since 1994), dictating what to wear and dress in his citizens, grossly invades their personal sphere, violating all possible freedoms and rights enshrined in the Constitution. This is simply unthinkable in a democratic state.

Rakhmonov, under the pretext of combating the radicalization of the population, increasingly limits the right of his people to free religion. How do mosques and hijabs interfere with him? First of all, by any means he needs to maintain power. To do this, you need to separate the people, not allow people to gather in large groups, to have common values. Rakhmonov does everything so that people forget about eternal values ​and common goals, he needs each person to think only about himself and about material benefits, only about “here and now,” and not about the fate of future generations, not about the good of his people and the prosperity of his country, not about his conscience.

From time immemorial, rulers have allied religion to maintain their authority. Rakhmonov separates himself from religion, devalues the faith and lifestyle of faithful Muslims, since he himself has long lived not in conscience and not in the canons of religion, and so that he is not accused of this, it must be shown that all religious values ​ ​ are not values.

Among other things, the invasion of this holy and very personal sphere for every person makes it possible for Rakhmonov to test the strength of his power and the limits of patience of the people, and if without unrest and violent protests, people obey, remove the hijab, stop going to mosques, then you can do anything with such a people, adopt inhuman laws, rob and exterminate openly.

Tajiks, true and faithful Muslims, for the most part, on their own land today are subjected to repression and discrimination for their faith by their own government. This is a terrible and absurd situation. Rakhmonov himself in political circles and on the world stage has the status of a pious Muslim, every year his persona is included in the list of The Muslim 500 (the 500 most influential Muslims in the world). Neither conscience, nor honor, there is nothing holy in this person and a traitor ruler and hypocrite will lead his people to nothing good.


Group of 24 political movement