Today a delegation of the „Group 24“ has visited Mustafo Hayotov

Today, the delegation of the political movement „Group 24“, led by the press Secretary of the movement Saidali Ashurov, the representative of the movement in Poland Akmal Astanaev and other members of the movement has visited Mustafo Hayotov, who has been detaining in a closed camp for deportation in Poland. It’s been three days since the announcement by Hayotov hunger strike because of his long detention at this camp.

At the moment, he is under the constant supervision of doctors and psychologists who regularly weigh his weight and ask him to finish the hunger strike and start taking water and food, but Mustafo Hayotov refuses.

News portal of the movement monitors the the situation around our activist Mustafo Hayotov. We will inform you about the development of the situation further.

News portal of the „Group 24“