Happy education day!

First september traditionally begins a new school year in Tajikistan. This year, for the first time, about 240 thousand children will cross the school threshold throughout the country. And I really want to hope that the years of study will be beautiful and fruitful for them.

Children should be happy to go to school, and parents should not think where to take the money for free education. It should be under normal power. After all, high-quality and affordable education is the key to the prosperity and development of the state.

The current leadership of the country does not allocate enough funds for the field of education, shifting everything to the shoulders of parents. Rakhmonov(the President of Tajikistan since 1994) does not care about the future of Tajikistan, he cares only about the future of his relatives.

Every year, parents draw public attention to regular illegal fees in schools, to actually paid education in the country. Every year before the first of September, parents are not concerned about the joyful excitement, but about the financial side of the start of the new school year.

Unemployment and low wages in the country, and this people brought to poverty by Rakhmonov should maintain the entire state educational system. But this is not enough, if people silently pay for free education, then they can be collected to the last in the interests of their family.

A few years ago they introduced a school uniform, like nothing criminal, but parents are obliged to buy a uniform in a specific store and a specific manufacturing company, three times more expensive than analogues. And the certificates for admission to school rose in price, while all doctors are sent for tests to one well-known laboratory. And officials of all levels, seeing what allows Rakhmonov to do to others, begin to sing loudly about the merits of the president, and do the same. Corruption at all levels of government is enormous, and ordinary people suffer.

School education has longtime needed to reform, new modern programs, textbooks, equipment, but so far at all levels of government there will be incompetent people thinking only about profit, nothing will change.

But we believe that all this, only temporary difficulties, our people deserve a bright future and a quality accessible education for their children.

The political movement “Group 24” sincerely congratulates parents, children and teachers on the start of the new school year. Success, perseverance and joy on the way to knowledge!

Political movement “Group 24”