Emergency! Suhrob Zafar went on Hunger Strike!

The leader of the political movement “Group 24” Suhrob Zafar, from now on, being in the detention in Turkey, declared hunger strike. This decision was taken in protest of his uncertain future and the delay in the consideration of his case. He announced, that until his case is heard and he is released, he would continue his hunger strike. The administration of the detention facility, his lawyers and the Ministry of justice of the Turkey are already aware of this situation.

We remain, that Suhrob Zafar was detained in Turkey with Nasimjon Sharipov on March 19th of this year at the request of the Tajik authorities and has been in custody for more than 6 months. Nasimjon Sharipov was recently released but Suhrob Zafar‘s future is unknown. Despite the fact, that the Turkish Judicial authorities suspended temporarily his extradition to Tajikistan, the situation remains unknown and his life is still in danger.

The group of 24 reiterates that, Suhrob Zafar is innocent and is detained without reason. For the first time he was arrested with Umarali Kuvatov, the founder of the Group 24, and later released by a Turkish court, as his innocence was proved. This time, he decided to go on hunger strike for a period until his case is resolved and until he is released.

The group of 24 expresses its concern about the case of Suhrob Zafar and his decision to go on hunger strike and asks the Turkish authorities, especially the President Rejep Tayip Erdogan to make efforts on the consideration of his case and release him from detention.

Information portal of the Group 24