Annual report of law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan based on invented statistics

 At the beginning of each year, the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan, together with other state bodies and ministries, report on the results of their work over the past year and hold a press conference.

This year, this event took place on February 2 and was no different from the campaigns of previous years: again we witnessed lies, voicing unrealistic facts and figures.

During the press conference, both the Prosecutor General’s Office of Tajikistan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs voiced their allegedly achievements based on facts and figures. This led journalists, the public and the Government to conclude that the work of these bodies is indeed commendable and is being improved from year to year.

Thus, in his report, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan cited numerous statistics on his activities over the past year, noting that hundreds of members of extremist and terrorist groups, including members of the Group of 24 political movement, repented and voluntarily returned to their homeland. We can confidently state that this is an outright lie! Because the Group-24 always publishes official information about the disappearance or detention of movement participants on its website and does not hide anything. In 2021, the Group of 24 political movement reported only the disappearance of its representative in Russia, Rakhmatjon Mahmajon. The leader of the movement Suhrob Zafar also emphasized this in his speech at the end of last year.

By providing such false statistics, Tajikistan’s law enforcement agencies pursue a number of objectives. First, they are accountable to the Government and people. They further emphasize that the Rakhmonov government is able to detain and imprison its opponents by any means, thereby branding all its critics and opponents extremists and terrorists and instilling fear in the hearts of people. Finally, pretend to the international community that the Rakhmonov government is fighting extremism and terrorism, for which it receives assistance and grants.

Another evidence of falsification of statistics and reporting by Tajik law enforcement agencies is the contradictory answers of the representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at a meeting this year, when the first said: “Amriddin Alovatshoev, one of the leaders of the Badakhshan youth was detained in Moscow and deported to Tajikistan,” and the second: “Alovatshoev arrived in Tajikistan, and then was arrested.”

It is wrong and ridiculous to assess the quality of the work of a state body only on the basis of statistics and facts, because facts and figures can never be an indicator of the quality of work. Well, if statistics are presented as evidence, they should be close to the truth. Today, the people of Tajikistan realize that forgery, lies and deception have become one of the basic principles of activity at all levels of the dictatorial regime, from Rakhmonov and the Prime Minister to lower levels of power. However, “the life of lies is short.” The day of the fall of the government of fraudsters is close!


Political movement “Group-24”