Freedom of speech in Tajikistan becomes inaccessible luxury. Again journalists are detained

The other day it became known of detention of two more journalists in Tajikistan: Abdusattor Pirmukhamadzoda and Zavkibek Saidamini. Both supported Daler Imomali and Abdullo Gurbati, detainees on June 15 this year.

Abdusattor Pirmukhammadzoda was detained for interrogation and later is released in the Vahdat city on July 7. Then a search in his house was executed and the mobile phone is seized. To communicate with the press and to write about the detention he didn’t becoe as gave the receipt on nondisclosure. But in two days he was caused in department again, to allegedly take away the mobile phone. Still Abdusattor Pirmukhammadzod’s location is unknown, authorities on this case don’t give any comments.

Abdusattor Pirmukhammadzoda worked for radio, after leaving began to have the blog on YouTube, is known for the criticism of economic policy of the authorities. After Daler Imomali and Abdullo Gurbati’s detention I condemned in the blog of action of the authorities.

On July 8 the journalist Zavkibek Saidamini was detained in Dushanbe. He is known that life is brought for interrogation to the same department of Organized Crime Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Vahdat. There are also no official comments from the authorities and on this case.

Zavkibek Saidamini worked in independent editions and at Channel One of state television. After leaving I was engaged in business, but actively I conducted social networks.

For the last few months in Tajikistan journalists were already detained: Abdullo Gurbati, Daler Imomali, Mamadsulton Mavlonazarov, Hushruza Dzhumayeva and also civil activist Ulfatkhonim Mamadshoyeva. Besides, in Dushanbe assaults on four correspondents and the operator of Radio Ozodi and television “Present time” were committed.

And still quite recently Tajikistan rose by 10 positions in the rating of the Index of freedom of the press in comparison with last year.

 In the new rating of” 2022 World Press Freedom Index” Tajikistan was on the 152nd place from 180 countries of the world (last year this indicator was – the 162nd place).

And Rakhmonov and his government very much was proud of it. There is such achievement: 10 positions forward and following the results of this year will be kickback on 20-30 of positions back. What occurs in the country difficult at present not to notice.

Today in Tajikistan freedom of speech has very high price: for her in our country it is possible to lose much and even life. Life which God gave us, but in Tajikistan Rakhmonov can easily take away it. This person puts the ambitions and wellbeing of the family above all, above all Tajikistan. He was elected only once (it is impossible to call other 4 times lawful and fair elections) and became the real tyrant.

From the moment of coming to power, Rakhmonov moves away all opponents who can prevent him. Many died under mysterious circumstances, put someone in prison on a trumped-up case. This method to liking and today it is possible for Rakhmonov each dissatisfied citizen extrajudicially with ease to put.

From the very beginning and till today Rakhmonov fights against corruption and poverty, and with those who tell the truth. Thus he intimidates the people. All people with democratic thinking are enemies of family of Rakhmonov. He pursues them even outside our country and as show events of the last time, all countries of the former Soviet Union are unsafe for dissidents, only in Europe and America “the bloody hands” of Rakhmonov don’t get oppositionists.

Now Rakhmonov seriously undertook media. Detain and intimidate journalists, bring fictional criminal cases. Rakhmonov forces them to be silent instead of listening to fair criticism.

All detained journalists brought up topics of the day in society, covered important events, but in Tajikistan it is a feat which can deprive of the person of everything and even lives. Today in the country media didn’t remain any free!

During the latest events in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, employees and the management of Asia plus news agency received a warning from the authorities: that if cover news from Pamir, the agency will be closed. Now it is possible to consider, „Asia plus” won’t cover freely all events in the country any more.

 Tajikistan nets have only two options today: to be always happy and to close eyes to lawlessness or to live in exile, it is far from family and the homeland, but to be free.

The political movement “Group 24” sharply condemns detention of journalists! We ask all world legal organizations to pay attention to how the dictatorship mode in Tajikistan violates the law and human rights.


Political movement “Group 24”