Violence and intimidation under the guise of the freedom of speech

After the events in Prague, Rahmonov’s regime started through intimidation and violence to get the relatives of activists to speak out against them on television, in order to denigrate the name of the opposition activists and show that, they have no supports even by their relatives and friends. The regime has already forced and removed the video, where Nasim Sharifov’s parents criticized Nasim’s activities. Morover today Khursand Najmuddinov’s mother and brother and Vaisiddin Odinaev’s grandfather were summoned to the law enforcement agencies. Under the threats they appealed to the people of Tajikistan and condemned the actions of the opposition, and thereby expressed their support for the policy of Rahmonov.

Thus, all that is presented to viewers as a voluntary presentations under the guise of freedom of speech and free expression of the will. From the outside it looks absurdly and illiterate propaganda of the dictatorial regime. They expose themselves ridiculous and as clowns in the eyes of the people and the world community.

Also these pictures serve as proof, that the regime resorted to the violence and intimidation. When all objective methods of influence on the people have been exhausted, Rahmonov resorts to the vile and dirty ways. By this way he removed his mask and showed everyone his real face along time ago, humiliating himself and putting himself as a complete nonentity.

Such actions do not affect the activities of our activists and supporters, but rather temper our spirits and stimulate us to more active works, because such kind of theater performances are not new in Tajikistan and outside. Continuing in the same spirit, Rahmonov is reducing the period of his reign.

We are following the situation with the families of the opposition activists in Tajikistan and we will further inform you the upcoming news.

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