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The member of Group 24 KHOLOV ZULFIQAHOR BOYMAHMADOVICH 19.11.1983 year of birth, was detained yesterday in Moscow, Russia. He joins Group 24 in 2012 and participated in all protest rallies, organized by Group 24 in Russian cities in 2014. After the announcement of Group 24 the “extremist” organization by Tajik authorities, he went to Turkey and was with Umarali Kuvvatov until he was killed. After the murder of Kuvvatov this in 2015, he came back to Russia and continued his activities up to day . His detention was carried out by the police of Moscow on 11.04.2018 at about 15.20 h., at the place of his residence in the area of Kommunarka, Moscow. The reason of his arrest is the published list of persons having links with “terrorism” of the national Bank of Tajikistan under the number 1309.

We will remind that the leader of the Group 24 Suhrob Zafar (Turaev) and activist Nasim Sharipov were also arrested in Turkey on 19.03.2018, at the request of Tajik authorities. But Turkey’s constitutional court has suspended their extradition to the Tajik authorities for three months and their investigation is ongoing.

Also on 19.03.2018 the activist of the Group 24 Mehrubon Sattorov was detained in Moscow for the reason of the published list of the national Bank of Tajikistan. But the Prosecutor considered his case politically motivated and on the same day he was released.

Group 24 appeals with the request to the authorities of Russian Federation and Turkish Republic not to extradite the members of Group 24 to Tajikistan, as in the case of their return, they will be tortured. We also ask to investigate thoroughly the cases of our activists due to the fact, that the requests of the Tajik authorities and the inclusion of many oppositionists in the published list of the national Bank are politically motivated.

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