Breaking news: Activist of the “Group 24” Mustafo Hayotov went on hunger strike in a closed camp in Poland

Today the activist of the political movement “Group 24” Mustafo Hayotov, who is located in a gated camp in Poland declared a hunger strike. The reason for his act is that, he is in a closed camp for persons who are to be deported from Poland since June 23, 2018. He was deported in June 2018 from the Federal Republic of Germany under Dublin regulation No. 604/2013 to the Republic of Poland and has since been in a deportation camp.

It should be noted that Mustafo Hayotov before his detention was responsible for the information support in the social pages of the “Group 24” on social networks and is the only member of the “Group 24”, who is in detention outside Tajikistan. We will monitor the situation and report as new information becomes available.

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