Day of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan – 30 years permanent president

Day of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan – 30 years permanent president.

On November 16, Tajikistan celebrates “President’s Day.” Celebrating holidays such as Constitution Day, Flag Day and President’s Day is important for nurturing a new generation in the spirit of patriotism and pride in the history and culture of the past.

However, in Tajikistan, the Rakhmonov regime still uses such holidays to strengthen the foundations of its oppressive system. If we turn to history, then the first president appeared in Tajikistan on November 24, 1990, Kahhor Makhkamov was elected him.

But we celebrate President’s Day on November 16th. The fact is that it was on this day that Rahmonov came to power in 1992, and then on November 16, 1994 he was first elected president of Tajikistan.

And as the state media writes today “The establishment of this holiday is intended to emphasize the important role played by the Head of State – the Founder of Peace and Harmony – the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, dear Emomali Rahmon”. That is, in Tajikistan, November 16 is not the day of the President, but the day of Rakhmonov and no one hides it. All over the world, in countries where the day of the president is celebrated, on this day they are proud of the achievements of democracy, the fact that today the people choose the ruler, and that the president is just an elected people, expressing the will of the people, an official. But at the same time, they do not detract from the personal achievements of people who have ever held this post and have shown their best qualities to achieve the overall well-being of the country.

In Tajikistan, on this day, Rahmonov and his alleged achievements are extolled. But the achievements are very dubious. For example, he is proud that Tajiks do not know another president. But what has been done in these thirty years? In short, the result of Rahmonov’s thirty-year reign is as follows: the country’s economy is in a deplorable state, the population is on the verge of survival, while Rakhmonov’s family and his fellow countrymen are getting richer. For almost thirty years, this person has put his interests and ambitions first.

To be sure that the presidency is his personal and lifelong post, Rahmonov enlisted the support of the Kremlin, but for this he has to fulfill all the demands of his owners, often to the great detriment of his people.

It was the illiterate rule of the permanent president – Rahmonov that led the country to the fact that today, Tajikistan is the most backward country in the post-Soviet space.

But the media will not write and talk about this on November 16, as well as the meaning of this holiday in other countries. How many more years will we endure this tyrant who has sold all the sanctity of our people and intensifies their oppression day by day?

We must do everything possible to choose the real president ourselves! We must forever separate the concepts of “president” and Rahmonov. This man is not worthy of such a title as “president,” because his rule has nothing to do with democracy.


Political movement “Group 24”