The people of Kazakhstan are protesting against the dictatorship of power!

 For several days now, we have been closely following the events in Kazakhstan, whose citizens have taken extreme measures so that the authorities will finally hear them.

The protests began on January 2, the reason was the increase in prices for liquefied gas – fuel for cars of most residents of the country.

But, as further events showed, the reason for the protests, which by January 4 had already covered most of the country and, according to experts, are the largest in the entire modern history of Kazakhstan, is the growing dissatisfaction of the population with the economic situation in the country.

Permanent dictator Nazarbayev, who officially left the presidency in 2019, remained in power, becoming the “leader of the nation.” Many of Nazarbayev’s relatives and entourage continue to live at the expense of the population of Kazakhstan, nothing has changed with the arrival of Tokaev, the regime has remained the same. People do not have the opportunity to influence their political, and therefore their own lives. And driven to despair, the residents of Kazakhstan began peaceful protests, realizing that this is the only way to change the situation and convey their opinion to the authorities.

On January 5, protesters added political to economic demands: the resignation of the government, the President and early elections.

Kazakhstan was a democratic State and the Constitution guaranteed citizens the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. But the authoritarian government, seeing a threat to its existence, decided to use force against the protesting people.

On the evening of January 5th President Tokayev of Kazakhstan requested assistance from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), calling the protesting civilians “terrorist gangs” who allegedly received training abroad (and this is foreign interference in state affairs), and threaten the independence, integrity and sovereignty of the country. Tokayev went to such tricks because the suppression of peaceful protests is not the reason for the assistance of the CSTO.

Early in the morning of January 6, the authorities began a “counter-terrorism operation” with the use of military weapons, as a result of the operation dozens of people were killed and more than a thousand wounded.

During the day of January 6, CSTO peacekeepers arrive in Kazakhstan.

According to official information, Russia sent 3,000 troops to Kazakhstan, Armenia – 70, Tajikistan – 200, Belarus – 500.

The Group of 24 political movement strongly condemns the actions of the CSTO, including the Government of Tajikistan, to suppress peaceful protests in Kazakhstan. This could jeopardize friendly relations between the two countries and jeopardize the safety of hundreds of thousands of Tajik migrant workers in Kazakhstan.

Rakhmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994) certainly sends Tajik troops to Kazakhstan, in the hope that he himself will never need such assistance from CSTO members.

For the political movement “Group 24” and the people of Tajikistan, what is happening in Kazakhstan today is of great importance and gives hope to the hearts. The people of our country are also under the oppression of an authoritarian regime.

We support the brave people of Kazakhstan in their decision to express our government’s dissatisfaction with peaceful protests. For us, the events of recent days in Kazakhstan are a valuable experience, we must analyze what is happening, learn from mistakes and adopt a positive experience.

Political movement “Group 24”