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Authorities crush Liberals by abusing opposition name

Authorities crush Liberals by abusing opposition name.

Daleri Emomali, an imprisoned journalist and blogger, one of four journalists recently arrested and sent to prison by the repressive Rakhmonov regime, wrote a letter asking Rahmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994) not to be indifferent to his case and his colleagues. In this letter, he wrote that he did not recognize the verdict of the court, which deprived him of his freedom for 10 years, since “the course of the investigation and trial consisted of many lies and slander.” In this letter, he added that he had never been a member of the Political movement “Group 24” and that his conversation with one of the members of this group was unknowingly.

One of the main “sins” of Daler Emomali in this case is his conversation with a member of the political movement “Group 24” Vaisiddin Odinaev. It is strange that the authorities, without clear evidence, only on the basis of the conversation, accused the journalist of belonging to the political movement “Group 24” and were imprisoned for 7 years. So it is clear that this conversation was the reason for the initiation of the case. The government always abuses the opposition’s name to suppress liberalism and calls liberals “extremists” and “terrorists.” Daleri Emomali himself emphasized that he was not a member of the political movement “Group 24”.

The political movement “Group 24” once again officially declares that both Daleri Emomali and Vaisiddin Odinaev are not members of this political movement.
Vaisiddin Odinaev himself emphasized this on his Facebook page and in an interview with the correspondent of the “Present Time” publication. Vaisiddin Odinaev is a militant opponent who criticizes the autocratic government of Rakhmonov with his programs.

The main “Sin” of Daler Emomali was that he and other imprisoned journalists in their broadcasts and articles exposed violations of power and vices of society, raised their voices against oppression and injustice. The autocratic regime of Rakhmonov is very afraid of the truthful word and free-thinking people, and under various pretexts suppresses human rights defenders and free-thinking. Because the Rakhmonov government is bogged down in lies and is a false government.


Political movement “Group 24”

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