Akmal Astanaev leaves political movement “Group 24”

 On October 30, 2021, Akmal Astanaev, an active member of the political movement “Group 24”, voluntarily left the organization. This was done in accordance with the charter of the political movement “Group of 24,” one of the provisions of which is the voluntary entry and exit of every citizen to this political organization.

Akmal Astanaev has been one of the most active members of the political movement “Group 24” since joining its creation and has begun a political struggle with us against the tyranny and lawlessness of the authoritarian Rakhmonov regime. For 5-6 years, he actively participated, both in collective events of the movement and in individual programs, continuing his political struggle. During his time in the Group 24 political movement, he had a good working relationship with the leadership and other members of the organization, and he perfectly coped with the tasks assigned to him.

The Group-24 political movement thanks Akmal Astanaev for his contribution to the political activities of the movement and wishes him success in his life and further work.


Council of the political movement “Group-24”