HRWF: Detention of the leaders of the “Group 24” in Turkey is politically motivated and they should not be extradited

On April 26, the representatives of the “Group 24 ” have met with the members of the international human rights organization “Human Rights Without Frontiers” (HRWF), located in Brussels. This meeting was attended by Mr. Willy Fautré, the Director of this organization and his Deputy, Mrs. Lia Perekrests. During the meeting, Mr. Fautré stressed, that he was well aware of the situation in Tajikistan, adding that: “Freedom of religion in Tajikistan is in critical condition and this relates not only to Muslims but also to followers of other religions.”

Mr. Willy Fautré concerned about the detention of the leaders of the “Group 24” in Turkey, saying that: “The detention of Suhrob Zafar and Nasimjon Sharipov is politically motived, that’s why the Turkish side must not submit them to the government of Tajikistan. We will do our best in this direction.”

It is necessary to mention, that Mr. Willy Fautré was an active advocate for human rights in Communist countries during the Cold War. He has extensive experience in freedom of religion or belief around the world. He is a member of the International Consortium on Law and Religious Studies. He has written many articles in university journals, held lectures in academic conferences, testified before inter-state organizations and given interviews to international media.

We remain, that from 23rd to 28th of April, the delegation of the “Group 24” was on an official visit to Brussels, during which a number of meetings were held with members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Union and some international human rights organizations.

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