Repressions – the ordinary in modern Tajikistan

 Persistently and purposefully Emomali Rahmonov(The President of Tajikistan from 1994) since the beginning of the board got rid of the former colleagues and opposition, and finally, today Tajikistan turned into the country of totalitarian regime, the country of powerless people.

Repressions – the main instrument of preservation of the power for dictator regime of Rahmonov. Any person in Tajikistan can be declared “terrorist” or “the enemy of the people” for the slightest objectionable to Rahmonov action. 

It is even possible not to mention that the person who decided to criticize openly Rahmonov’s policy subjects the life and health to huge risk, it and is so obvious. But actions of the authorities every day remind a hysterics, revenge more and more and often are contrary to common sense. Even those people who don’t pose real threat for the mode are exposed to repressions and pressure.

We already repeatedly wrote about egregious crimes of the regime of Rahmonov against the rights and freedoms of law-abiding persons.

So, nobody was left indifferent by a message about the conclusion of 80 summer aged men Doniyer Nabiyev. In August, 2020 he was sentenced to 7 years, for unindifference, compassion and small financial aid to political prisoners. His actions didn’t threaten the mode, but probably irritated Rahmonov, and despite old age and lack of crime, the person fell the next victim of the dictator. This business became a peculiar message to society that mercy won’t be to anybody, Rahmonov all the same, young you or old, healthy or sick.

Not indifferent citizens not concordant with Rahmonov’s policy who aren’t able to be silent had to leave the country. But even abroad them not just force to be silent and try to return home to punish.

One of the most popular methods of impact on the oppositionists living outside Tajikistan, repressions and pressure upon their family who stayed at home. Threaten with dismissal, commit violence at what children often are exposed to persecution. And it is simply terrible! So, it is known, of persecution of the nine-year-old daughter of the activist Shabnam Hudoydodova. The film crew came to a class of the girl and publicly accused her that she is a daughter of “terrorist” and “the enemy of the people”, after that the girl underwent persecution from school students, teachers, officials.

And if such measures don’t help, then Rahmonov borders, and even don’t stop presence of foreign citizenship at the opponent. Cases when in defiance of all international standards, oppositionists were transported from Russia to Tajikistan, already dozens and we repeatedly wrote about them. Rahmonov feels unpunished, isn’t afraid of reaction of the international community and indignation of ordinary people. 

Journalists and members of the media are exposed to enormous repressions in Tajikistan, methods of influence are also enough: beginning from intimidation with deprivation of the license, job loss, finishing with pressure upon the family and a prison term. There is no independent media left, everything is exposed to the tough review.

The people wishing to write and inform of the truth the people are forced to disappear. But the mode aptlycontinues to close access for the people to accurate information. So, in November, 2020 I announced about closing of the website „Akhbor” Mirzo Salimpur which with firmness fought, despite threats, numerous blocking of the website, but finally, I didn’t sustain pressure upon the family.

Sit down at a blurt, at “likes” and reposts on the Internet. And all this under the guise of fight against terrorism.

That it was easier to subject to repressions the people, Rahmonov invents all new and new crazy laws. So, for example, during fight of the international community against a pandemic Covid while the governments of other countries tried to support the citizens, Rahmonov declares that there is no Covid in Tajikistan and that the people weren’t indignant with inaction of the authorities, adopts the law on the ban of distribution of false and inexact information on a disease in July, 2020. And already on the basis of the law, any person who told aloud that he has a Covid which isn’t officially in the country can get real term.

Can put for anything, for the help to disabled people, for example, as it happened to Nusratullo Saidov. After assistance to family of disabled people, Nusratullo Saidov was detained and interrogated regarding: from where did take money for disabled people? In recent years put several people for receiving money transfers from relatives oppositionists abroad.

And if the person himself earned money, successfully by business – it can be a reason for repressions too, Rahmonov has a huge family and more and more resources are required, successful business will be taken away and it is good if the former owner manages to hide abroad.

Well and at last, the similar system generated enormous corruption in law enforcement agencies and today any person can be detained and accused of terrorism only for the sake of financial benefit of numerous officials and law enforcement authorities: you pay and drop all charges against you.

Political movement “Group 24”