Umarali Kuvvatov was detained in Dubai

On the 24th of December 2012, the leader of the Tajik oppositional movement “Group 24” – Umarali Kuvvatov was detained at the airport of Dubai by the request of Tajik authorities. Very few people from his entourage had known about his trip to Dubai. Tajik special services planned to extradite him back to Tajikistan since he was accused of economic crimes in his homecountry. He had supposedly stolen from Rahmon’s relatives a total of $6 million USD. Kuvvatov said, that all these were false accusations politically aimed against him. He spent 10 months in prison and had to be extradited to the Republic of Tajikistan. But due to the intervention of influential international human rights organizations such as the UN, Human Rights Watch and OSCE, he was released on 26th September 2013.

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