The policy of double standarts of some democratic countries

As it’s known, for two days the delegation of the political movement “Group 24” has been in the city Bern in Switzerland to hold a protest in connection with the visit of Rahmonov to this country. Our activists received the necessary permits to hold a protest under the “warm welcome” program in Bern and prepared for Rahmonov’s visit with posters, but when our activists began the protest, it became known that Rahmonov asked the Swiss authorities to change the meeting place.

In addition, the police detained the delegation of the “Group 24”, when a column of cars of Rahmonov were arriving at the meeting place, despite the presence of all permits. Our activists at the time of detention contacted and reported, that they were detained by the police temporarily and their phones were also taken away. According to the police themselves, this measure is temporary until the end of Rahmonov’s meeting with the Swiss authorities. The “Group 24” expresses its regret to the Swiss authorities, that such a democratic country is going on about this dictator and pursuing a policy of double standards. But such actions cannot prevent our activists from continuing to strive to achieve the goal.

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